Dr David Cooke: The history and mystery of psychopathic personality disorder

Wednesday 14 February - 2:00pm
Dr David Cooke, a former applied psychologist working in the field of forensic psychology, will address us on the topic of psychopathy, his title being The history and mystery of psychopathic personality disorder and about which he writes:

Our February talk is the middle of next week, Wednesday 14th February, from 1400 to 1600 in the Haining Room of the Braeport Centre, Ramoyle, Dunblane, FK15 0AT.

Psychopathic personality disorder (‘psychopathy’) is an important construct in clinical forensic practice. It has been described as an unfortunate term with a disreputable history, yet it has relevance for forensic practice. Those who suffer from the disorder are difficult to manage, resistant to treatment and pose a high risk of violence towards others. My interest in this disorder developed while working in the Barlinnie Special Unit. I will describe attempts to clarify the nature of the disorder and discuss why psychopathy increases an individual’s likelihood of engaging in serious violence.

As regular attendees know, there is ample parking behind the Centre.  Refreshments will be available on a self-help basis.  Either bring your own mug or use one of the Braeport's.


If you hope to come, please let Peter Griffiths know by email at pvgriffiths@icloud.com or phone on 01786 823974.