Walk: MacRosty Park, Crieff

Tuesday 28 August - 10:00am
The proposed route starts and finishes at the Glenturret Distillery, a circular route using core paths in Strathearn. The paths are well defined and way-marked but can be muddy in places.

 There may be cattle in the first field we cross and if anyone is not comfortable with this, let Max know as he has a diversion avoiding the field. We cross the footbridge over the Turret burn turn left and walk down to Comrie road where we will cross the road turn right and first left down a residential street. Crossing the street to a signpost indicating a right of way we will cross a field heading to the Currochs. We then pick up a green lane which we follow over Laggan Hill crossing Black Bank, Samson's Stone finishing on a minor road at Baird’s Monument which we can go and look at (the climb not as steep as the Melville Monument in Comrie). We can have a break around this point (bring a snack/coffee) before we head back to Crieff picking up Lady Mary’s walk and into MacRosty Park, exiting the park on the residential street we starting from. Then back to the distillery for lunch/coffee or what ever one fancies. If we meet at 10:00 at the Distillery car park, we should finish around 13:00.

Please let Max know if you intend to come - max.penfold@gmail.com