Talk by Sally Brown

Wednesday 23 October - 2:30pm
In Cottrell 2A13, Sally Brown will lead a discussion on Challenges for Education in the 21st Century.

Sally introduces her event:

'My aim for the meeting on 23 October is to start a discussion on the many changes that have challenged education in Scotland since the start of the 21st Century. However, I will start the proceedings by taking from higher, further, school and pre-school education examples of transformations that have had profound impacts on our educational practices. Inevitably, these changes are embedded within major developments in society, such as the rise of artificial intelligence, and are subject to policy decisions that have influenced resources for educational provision and research. I am certainly not familiar with all of these changes, so I am relying on the SURSA audience to bring their thoughts and experiences to the discussion.'

Please let John Izod <> know by Sunday 20 October if you intend to come to Sally’s discussion, and kindly remember to add whether you want refreshments from the trolley at the price of £2.50 per person.