Comrie circular

Wednesday 26 June - 10:30am
The walk starts at Comrie Croft where there are facilities, a shop and cafe.

The walk is on estate roads and paths, muddy in places, so you may wish to wear boots or “stout shoes”.  We will progress initially through woodland on a soft mud grass 4x4 track climbing steadily onto a grouse moor where we will head west passing a couple of man made lochans to reach the base of a knoll. There is a Neolithic site at the summit of the knoll and it is a natural point for a wee break so bring a snack and a drink.  We descend the knoll by the same route over a style and picking up a well defined grass path down into the woods.  An estate road takes us back to Comrie Croft. The time taken should be 3 hours. 

I suggest we meet at Comrie Croft at 10:30.

Please let me know if you would like to join this walk. Max