Getting Airborne in Retirement

Wednesday 14 November - 2:30pm
Peter Griffiths will speak on the flight path to a private pilot's licence in Cottrell 2X6 at 2:30 pm.


Peter's talk describes the syllabus, tasks and exams that lead to a private pilot's licence (PPL) and is largely a slide show.  He writes that ‘possession of a PPL opens up possibilities for national and international travel.  Over 500 airfields and over 100 farm strips in the UK cater for light aircraft and microlights.  Runways range from smooth tarmac to uneven grass.  On-site accommodation varies from hotels to caravans, shelter from clubhouses to sheds, storage from lavish hangars to trailers.  Apart from a multitude of places to visit, each year’s sport aviation programme offers events such as exhibitions, safety talks, conferences, fly-ins, competitions and rallies for different aircraft types.’

Peter will illustrate his talk with items such as model aircraft, radios and charts; and photographs of some of his aerial activities in Scotland, England, Wales and France, including the Alps.

Please let Donald Davidson know if you plan to attend and if you wish tea or coffee.