Garden Visits to Gartinstarry Lodge and Culbuie, Buchlyvie

Wednesday 16 May - 10:30am
Alison's description of Culbuie is as follows "a woodland garden with many azaleas, rhododendrons, bluebells and wet-loving plants". She describes her own garden as being "similar but smaller and wilder featuring bluebells, a bog garden and a glass house with a vine, peaches, fig etc".

Stephanie writes: I will be going on holiday shortly and will return just before our visit to Musselburgh on 26 April (now fully booked).  The purpose of this message is to give you advance notice of the following gardens to be visited on Wednesday 16 May.  The two gardens are Gartinstarry Lodge and Culbuie, both in Buchlyvie.  Gartinstarry Lodge is the home of one of our members, Alison McGilvray, and I thank Alison for agreeing to host this visit and also for her help in arranging the visit to Culbuie. Parking at both gardens is limited to about 10/!2 cars and there is no possibility of parking a coach so I propose that we car share on this occasion.  We can visit Gartinstarry Lodge at 10.30 and then go on to Culbuie at 11.45.  We should be finished by 1 or 1.30 and there are various places for lunch as follows for those who want it:

The Coffee Kiln, Main Street, Buchlyvie, (quite small)

Benview Garden Centre, Ward Toll, Buchlyvie

The Woodhouse Coffee Shop, outside Kippen

There is no need to send money in advance on this occasion.  At my suggestion we can make a donation on the day to the owners of both gardens as follows: £3.50 at Culbuie and £2.50 at Gartinstarry Lodge.  This money will go to charities chosen by the owners. As I don't have to book a coach for 16 May I can wait until later to find out who wants to come along.  Please let me know by 28 April if you are interested and I will then give you details of how to reach both gardens. Happy gardening, Stephanie

Stephanie Tytler